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Safe and Efficient Towing Services in Fort McMurray

Do you need to move a vehicle? Get in touch with Bishop Towing & Salvage. We offer full towing services in Fort McMurray and surrounding areas. We have experienced drivers to tow the vehicle efficiently, safely and promptly. During towing, we take care that the vehicle, our drivers, and all the people involved in the process are safe and not subjected to any unsafe situations. We tow abandoned vehicles and illegally parked vehicles for free within the city. Our team can also help you remove your unwanted vehicle.

If you have your car or truck stuck in a ditch or a bush, call us. We have the right equipment/trucks to pull out light trucks. We can help you tow:

Light duty trucks
Medium Trucks

Roadside Assistance

Do you require roadside assistance? Our skilled team can help you. We can assist you with professional lockout services if you’ve been locked out of your car. A lockout can be due to the key being jammed, ignition, lost key and many more reasons. Whatsoever it is, we will help you out. We also provide battery boosts.

Call us today if you need towing services or roadside assistance. We are open from 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM during weekdays. We can arrange towing services outside the regular business hours. Towing out of town can also be arranged.

Unauthorized Parked Vehicles

Do you own property in town? Are you managing properties? We can offer our services to remove unwanted vehicles to our fenced secured compound yard, free of charge. Whether it is an abandoned or illegally parked vehicle, we can help you. You as a property owner/manager could have unwanted vehicles removed off your property at any given time without the authorization of bylaw officer.

We currently work with various apartment buildings and businesses in town to keep their parking lots clean and vacant of unauthorized parked vehicles. We can also assist you with towing needs during parking lot maintenance.

Call us if you need any more information or have unwanted vehicles that need to be removed.


We will help you get back on road as soon as possible.

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